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Metz TCRM : Grève - Agence Commerciale

Publié le 24 Janvier 2013 par RPL Info in tcrm, metz, greve reconductible, rpl radio 89.2 la radio du pays lorrain

Metz TCRM : Grève - Agence Commerciale

Grève - Agence Commerciale TCRM

Suite au préavis de grève reconductible déposé par des organisations syndicales, les horaires d'ouverture et de fermeture de l'Espace Bus sont impactés :

Vendredi 25 janvier = ouverture de l'agence à 8 h 20

Visitez le site des TCRM


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outlooksetting.com 15/11/2013 09:58

You cannot interrupt the life of people with such strikes for your personal gains. Many times the strikes conducted by the Unions are unnecessary and the government have to step into action to arrange possible resolutions to overcome the difficulties faced by the people. On the other hand, if they are conducting strikes for a definite purpose, then you have to support it.